Error messages for share problems

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Wed Sep 29 09:27:33 GMT 1999

At 05:28 PM 9/29/99 +1000, fvm at wrote:
>On Wed, Sep 29, 1999 at 01:42:30PM +1000, Richard Sharpe wrote:
>> and returning ERRinvdev (07) generates the following message in Win95.
>>      The network resource type is not correct.
>> Not sure if this is an easier message to deal with than the not-found one.
>If it's not obviously better then the change might confuse more peope then
>it helps others. If it is really important then you could consider sending
>an automated popup with an explanation. I haven't studied this but I think
>it is feasible (IMHO it's ugly but it might turn out to be useful in some

Given that there is no really good alternative, I prefer leaving it the way
it is, and documenting all the error results returned in smbd with some
indication of what might cause them.

Make a note. Add such as an appendix or chapter in the next Samba book :-)

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