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Wed Sep 29 04:52:59 GMT 1999

I sent this on 20th Sept and no-one answered so I'm resending in hopes of a

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Hi, all.

Has any further progress been made on the NT vs Samba file timestamp issue
with the NT smbs in Samba 2.0.5a?

We also have the problem of the timestamp being set via the
trans2::SMB_SET_FILE_BASIC_INFO  call being incorrect when performing simple
NT COPY commands or copying via Explorer.

We have applied the MIN vs MAX patch that was mentioned on the Samba digest
but this does not appear to fix the problem, rather it just gives different
wrong results.

The timestamp code in trans2.c looks like a pretty complex code path with
the MIN/MAX, pending_modtime and NIL timestamp workarounds and I'm left
wondering if the correct timestamp to apply at pending_modtime is not
getting 'lost'...

We have worked around the problem for now by turning off NT smb support but
I wondered if a bugfix had been found or had been proposed and needed


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