Bad error code from Samba: Invalid System Name

William Stuart william at
Tue Sep 28 23:52:26 GMT 1999

Modest suggestions...

Since I believe this can never happen in NT...

1) Share does not exist when directory does not exist...i.e. don't
advertize the share if the directory is not there and make a log

2) (may be hard to code) When the user opens the share, have a single
file with the name "Directory does not exist" in it.  This is a dummy
file invented by SAMBA of course.  (if you really want to get fancy,
make it a .txt file, that when opened says, "Tell your clueless admin
that he is sharing a non-existant directory!")

3) Lock up the UNIX box with a BSOD...oh wait...this isn't NT.


tridge at wrote:
> > If the user has set up a share where the directory being shared does not
> > exist or has permissions problems, Samba returns an error of:
> >
> >    ERRSRV: Invalid Server Name (an 06) error.
> I get "ERRSRV - ERRinvnetname (Invalid network name in tree connect.)"
> for when the directory doesn't exist. That is the same as for when the
> share doesn't exist.
> Unfortunately NT doesn't have the notion of a share existing but the
> directory not existing. What error code do you suggest that gives a
> windows user a better bit of feedback? When I chose ERRinvnetname I
> did quite a bit of testing with Win95 and couldn't find a code that
> gave a better error response.

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