unable to browse one Samba Server

lnb at cybertouch.org lnb at cybertouch.org
Sun Sep 26 20:11:55 GMT 1999

I have 3 Samba servers running on the FreeBSD platform. I am unable to browse
one of them, called SATAN. I can however view the shares from Server Manager
and can use smbclient \\\\satan\\shares to view it. Also a win98 box on the lan
can access the shares via Network Neighborhood. However from my NT box, trying
to use Network Neighborhood to view SATAN produces an error message "\\satan is
not available, an RPC error occured"

I tried to send a powerpoint presentation of this but the mailer on samba.org
will not allow more that 40,000 bytes.

Thank you in advance for your help,

Lanny Baron
lnb at cybertouch.org
26-Sep-99, 16:11:54
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