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Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Sat Sep 25 16:50:59 GMT 1999

tridge at wrote:
> I'm thinking of changing the Samba browse defaults as follows:
>   preferred master = true
>   os level = 20
> currently we have:
>   preferred master = false
>   os level = 0

I have had one group of people froma  Windows shop 
comment that Samba screws up their browsing becasue 
people will install a linux box running Samba that takes
over the locxal browse master position but is not 
configured to point at WINS.

Now whether or not this is simply an administrative
issue regarding running their network is up for debate.
However the general comment was that Samba does not 
plop into an existing network (plopped down by an 
inexperienced admin) and play fair.

One possible solution would be to simply provide 
better (and possiblt multiple) default configuration 
files based upon the propsed usage.  For example,
have a setup script that asks questions to attempt
to determin ethe environment in wehich the server 
will run.

Such as 

   * an existing Windows Network 
   * a primary Windows file server for a large network
   * a Domain controller


Using Perl (or Tcl\TK for an X GUI), this shouldn't 
be too hard if the questions were asked correctly.

Just some thoughts,
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