Are there any tricks to browsing under VMware?

Stephan Lauffer lauffer at
Sat Sep 25 15:09:02 GMT 1999

Hi all!

> are there any tricks to getting browsing working under VMware, where Samba
> runs on the host OS and Win95 runs under VMware.
For shure - it´s not a problem caused by vmware. It depends on the network
configuration... maybe your vmware-client is not in the same network (as
your server). If you don´t have a domain master browser, you can´t get a
browsinglist over different ip-networks (am I right?). You also should
have a WINS server.

> At the moment Win95 refuses to browse the network ...

I´ll give you an example:

------- Network config -------------
VMware Host (linux):
tr0: offical ip ( [I know - its a worse ip] ;) 
vmnet1: priv ip (
ip-forwarding: enable

VMware Client (maybe Win95):
AMD ethernet:
def. gw 

Samba/ NT-Server
tr0 offical ip ( [I know - its a worse ip] ;)
net-route: gw

-------- Windows Client/Server -----
Workgroup = Linux-AG
domain master = yes
WINS support = yes

VMWare W95-Client
Workgroup = Linux-AG
Wins Server =

(sorry, maybe my english is a little bit funny...)

There are some problems with name-resolving under w95. If you have
an Wins-Server (search in the regestry for Nameserver1 = ...) you should
disable Netbios-name resolving over DNS (set EnableDNS = 0 in the
registry). [I´ve seen some w95 installations which does not set the
correct ip-settings if you configure them in the GUI of the
network-configuration, so i prefere regedit...]

This configuration should enable browsing on w9x. Hope, don´t have
forgotten anything... 

Liebe Gruesse,
Stephan Lauffer

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