group name mapping

Cole, Timothy D. timothy_d_cole at
Wed Sep 22 18:13:30 GMT 1999

Like any other normal Unix system, we have user/group pairs like bin/bin and
so forth.  Right now having two ACEs with the same name (but with different
SIDs) works OK, since you can't really do much but set and unset bits in the
ACEs, but it gets to be a problem if and when we get the capability to fully
edit the ACLs from Explorer.

I'm not relishing having to rename or (more likely) remap those groups.
Even worse in cases where more or less all users have their own group.

Since '@' is apparently legal in NT group names, perhaps group names (as
presented to the NT client) should be automatically prefaced with it?  At
least as an smb.conf option?

It would mean a nice conformance to both NT and UNIX semantics (NT expecting
unique names, UNIX liking groups prefixed with @ in instances where user and
group names are used together).

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