Samba-2.0.3 performance observation

Frank van Maarseveen fvm at
Tue Sep 21 12:41:52 GMT 1999

The test below has not been done under laboratory conditions but is
reproducable here and reveals something strange for which one of you
may have a simple explanation.

When a .PPM file (1.7MB) is read in by PaintShop PRO on an NT
client from an NT server it goes more than twice as fast when using
Linux/Samba as server. When doing the same thing on the client using
"copy" (to a local disk) then there is no significant difference
between Linux/Samba and NT4 as server (this is what we expect
because of limited bandwith). Things get worse when using Samba
on OSF1/4.0.  Numbers:

	NT server   -> memory (Painshow pro)  7 sec
	Linux/Samba -> memory (PaintShop pro) 18 sec
	OSF1/Samba  -> memory (PaintShop pro) 90 sec
	NT server   -> disk   (copy)          20 sec
	Linux/Samba -> disk   (copy)          20 sec
	OSF1/Samba  -> disk   (copy)          30 sec

This is not a benchmark. It is a simple measurement in a real world
situation so please don't flame me. Before diving into the matter
myself I would like to know if there is a simple explanation.



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