oplock tests

tridge at linuxcare.com tridge at linuxcare.com
Fri Sep 17 13:56:46 GMT 1999


I've been doing some oplock tests against a NT4 server using
smbtorture. The first result is that NT4 does send a oplock break
request when the client does a SMBmv on a file that it has oplocked (a
self break). It does this no matter whether the file is batch or
exclusive oplocked. That does not match our current behaviour but it
also does not explain the bug.

I've put sniffs of the above two tests in
ftp://samba.org/pub/tridge/oplock_break/. They are tcpdump capture

oplock_break1.dat: SMBmv with exclusive lock
oplock_break2.dat: SMBmv with batch lock

More tests soon.

Cheers, Tridge

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