Password stuff: client's view

Michael Ju. Tokarev mjt at
Thu Sep 9 09:22:38 GMT 1999

Sorry if it is an off-topic or already discussed.
I does not found any info in listproc archives yet...

My issue is mainly about protocol implementation
(I don't know it at all ;( ). As I see, when user on
client machine attempts to change password and types
something wrong, it notified by only one "Bad password" message.
Is it possible in smb protocol to transmit a more informative
message here? Say, "your new password is too short", for example?
The only one catch-all message is sometimes usefulness, especially
if system sets restrictive rules for passwords (via PAM, for example).
And, ofcouse, is it possible (again, smb!) to deal with password
expiration (I don't understand here myself -- what should be
done with it? warn user at logon that his password will expired
next day?).
If protocol does support such a thing like passing a message for
password changing, it will be possible to use PAM, for example,
with pam_conversation ("full pam support"). And this addressed
also to login (auth) procedure.


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