Samba name mangling

Andy Bakun abakun at
Fri Sep 3 14:34:08 GMT 1999

This has been brought up a number of times before, but as far as I know, has
not been resolved.  Here are previous messages on the topic, at least the ones

I know about:
  (I don't know if the provided patch works, follow that thread)

Did Francois Gouget's patch work?

Martin Vogt wrote:

> Hello,
> here we use samba 2.0.3 on a 75 GB file server. I'm more or less a system
> administrator for the server.
> One of my users seems to found out that the name mangling algorithm
> uses wrong parameters.
> I don't understand much of this hashing algorithm but it seems
> the user does.
> I will give a translation of what the user wrote:
> I think the Samba server has a problem with the creation
> of 8.3 names. Or on the other side my NT has a problem
> how the samba server does this:
> I have created 100 files with the name : ABCDEFG_<n>.TST
> Then I have counted the files:
> ...

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