can samba be configured to act as a P-node or B-node (not m-node)

Marty Leisner leisner at
Thu Sep 2 17:08:24 GMT 1999

Looking at some old messages (and the source) and by inspection of packets,
it seems I can't configure samba (I'm using 2.0.3 on redhat 6.0) as a
P-node or a B-node (it seems it only acts as m-node).
(am I correct?)

In include/nameserv (I'm look at the 2.0.5a source) there are macros 
like NB_PFLAG (but this is not used anyplace else in the code).

I'm doing WINS server support  and I  think (from reading the RFCs)
we could have very interesting scenarios with different machines
with the same name, 1 as a b-node and 1 as a p-node (seems the
namespaces are disjoint).

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