root did not create the semaphore

Hai Nguyen hhn1 at
Sat Oct 30 21:06:28 GMT 1999

I am new to samba and need assistance for the error below.  The daemons
started fine (via script) but can't map drive and get error below.
Thanks for any help.
Hai Nguyen

# smbstatus

Samba version 2.0.5a
Service      uid      gid      pid     machine

ERROR: root did not create the semaphore
ERROR: Failed to initialise share modes
Can't initialise shared memory - exiting

# sysdef
* Streams Tunables
     9  maximum number of pushes allowed (NSTRPUSH)
 65536  maximum stream message size (STRMSGSZ)
  1024  max size of ctl part of message (STRCTLSZ)
* IPC Messages
     0  entries in msg map (MSGMAP)
     0  max message size (MSGMAX)
     0  max bytes on queue (MSGMNB)
     0  message queue identifiers (MSGMNI)
     0  message segment size (MSGSSZ)
     0  system message headers (MSGTQL)
     0  message segments (MSGSEG)
* IPC Semaphores
    10  entries in semaphore map (SEMMAP)
    70  semaphore identifiers (SEMMNI)
  5000  semaphores in system (SEMMNS)
    30  undo structures in system (SEMMNU)
    25  max semaphores per id (SEMMSL)
    10  max operations per semop call (SEMOPM)
    10  max undo entries per process (SEMUME)
 32767  semaphore maximum value (SEMVMX)
 16384  adjust on exit max value (SEMAEM)
* IPC Shared Memory
4294967295      max shared memory segment size (SHMMAX)
     1  min shared memory segment size (SHMMIN)
   100  shared memory identifiers (SHMMNI)
   150  max attached shm segments per process (SHMSEG)
* Time Sharing Scheduler Tunables
60      maximum time sharing user priority (TSMAXUPRI)
SYS     system class name (SYS_NAME)


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