Corrupted Excel files, oplock_break(905) errors

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Thu Oct 28 11:43:10 GMT 1999

Nicolas Williams wrote:
> I've still not seen a complete, correct analysis of why the Solaris
> kernel and smbd fail to notice the dead TCP connection and myself and
> others have speculated here before about the source of the bug (NT?
> Solaris?). At any rate, the preexec/postexec stale smbd detector script
> that I use does the trick.

Cole, Timothy D replied:
| IIRC, the NT4 TCP/IP stack fails to send FIN when the connection is
| closed.

  It's certainly true the NT stack does things differently: Sun had to
change Solaris 7 to deal with NT resending acknowleged data in the FIN
packet. This is a nasty one, as it can cause the data to be

  Sun has it listed as bug 4083814: does anyone have the problem on 
a Solaris 7 system? If not, this **may** be fixed.
  Similarly, does anyone have the problem on SGI?

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