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You can find it in the HEAD-BRANCH, it may also be
included in the samba source...


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>If I can find the SWAT web pages, I will try that, so far all I have found
>was a Sparc binary, and the graphics. Do you know if the SWAT source is
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>What about serving the SWAT page up on apache-ssl?  We have a web form
>for access to our oracle db, it takes a passwd in cleartext, but is on an
>SSL server, so it doesn't go out in the clear.  This way none of your SWAT
>session can be snooped on.
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>On Thu, 28 Oct 1999, Mike Heath wrote:
>> Does anyone know of a good way to wrap up SWAT so that when a user uses
>> change password page, their passwords are not sent in clear text? Maybe
>> using ssl or stunnel?
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