Permission problem SGI platform 2.0.5a

Herb Lewis herb at
Wed Oct 27 17:45:53 GMT 1999

Brian Stephens wrote:
> Brian Stephens wrote:
> > I am running Samba version 2.0.5.a on the SGI platform, if I turn
> > the log level
> > to 3 or above  then I have problems on my NT machine with
> > permissions. If
> > I select the Permissions button on the Properties form of the mapped
> > directory
> > I get a message telling me that the session was canceled. See screen
> > shot below.
> >
> > Has anyone ran into this problem or know what the issue might be?
> > I do not have the problem on the HP platform.
> >
> > Thanks in advance.
> > Brian

Are you using a pre-compilied binary or did you compile yourself? If
you compiled yourself, what compiler did you use and what defines? What
are your smb.conf settings? What version of NT are you running? I do
not see this problem on my setup so I need additional info to try to
reproduce this.


Herb Lewis

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