[BUG ?] Inconsistent option handling

Sergei Turchanov turchanov at otvprim.ru
Wed Oct 27 11:58:23 GMT 1999

Hi, all!

    I think I found some inconsistency in handling 'log level' conf option in
Samba utilities. The problem is that '-d' option is parsed before 'lp_load'
is called. That is if DEBUGLEVEL was set to 10 by '-d' option it
will be reset to value which is stored in smb.conf (in my case I accidenly
set is to 0 so 'nmblookup' couldn't do any meaningful output even with '-d 10'
option :). As far as I understand, command-line options -=<take precedence>=-
over configuration defaults.

    Another problem that evolved from the frist one is nmblookup specific.
The problem is that nmblookup responses (releated to parsing server resposes)
are mostly produced with DEBUG macros and if 'log level' in conf file
is set to zero and no '-d' option is given (assuming that upper-stated bug
is fixed) those macros won't make any output which is WRONG! (e.g.,
smbclient doesn't reveal such problem).

Sergei Turchanov.

P.S. cc: to me as I am not in list

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