2.06 fails to compile --with-dfs

Dan Kaminsky effugas at best.com
Tue Oct 26 23:02:42 GMT 1999

[root at dsl source]# ./configure --with-dfs --with-smbwrapper
Compiling passdb/pass_check.c
passdb/pass_check.c:173: dce/dce_error.h: No such file or directory
passdb/pass_check.c:174: dce/sec_login.h: No such file or directory
make: *** [passdb/pass_check.o] Error 1


Removing the --with-dfs causes pass_check to work fine.

Yes, I know DFS is experimental.  It's also very, very cool :-)

Yours Truly,

	Dan Kaminsky
	DoxPara Research

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