standard substitutions versus basic standard substitutions

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Sat Oct 23 12:38:46 GMT 1999


for a documentation project I am doing, I have been looking at things like
the variable substitutions that occur, and there seem to be three types ...

1. standard_sub_basic which applies a set of substitutions when parameters
are referred to via lp_ functions that are generated with the macros

2. standard_sub, which introduces a few extra substitutions and then calls
standard_sub_basic. In particular, it introduces some extra substitutions
that are only available from the connection structure ...

3. Some individual substitutions ... done with string_sub and pstring_sub.

Why is there a difference between standard sub and standard_sub_basic.

Since substitutions are deferred until we access a parameter, why can't we
roll all the extra ones that standard_sub applies into standard_sub_basic.
That way all variables will be available to all parameter strings.

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