archive bit improperly mapped

Andrej Todosic atodosic at
Fri Oct 22 13:53:38 GMT 1999

hello all , 

i have just noticed a little bug in samba. 
I dont know if it has been reported already but : 

If you change the archive bit setting on a samba share from a windows
machine ( file properties check/uncheck archive) 

it affects the user executable permission. 
Setting the archive bit sets the file u+x
unsetting it sets the file u-x 
the problem is i think the way archive bit is mapped onto linux filesystem

If this has already been reported please let me know what came out of it. 

My comment is : 
If this is an overlook then what should be done about it ? 
if not , and it was done like this then if i may suggest it is really not
good , 

Perhaps a better choice would have been g+x and g-x or something like that
may be ewven other 
but definitely not user . 

the problem is i backup a samba share with nt backup solution , 

and it keeps screwing up my permissions, thus making some of the scripts
Not that i cant work around this, i just find it terribly annnoying! 

Any comments are welcome ! 

ps samba version is :    2.0.5a-1  
linux debian 2.1 ( heavily customized ) not a standard distrib. 

Thanks in advance, 

PPS oh and by the way the hidden feature is not implemented either ( not
that i care much for this) 

Andrej Todosic 
Administrateur Reseau et Systemes
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