Corrupted Excel files, oplock_break(905) errors

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Thu Oct 21 19:54:04 GMT 1999

Nicolas Williams wrote:
> Meantime, the client reconnected and a new smbd starts and the the
> client attempts to re-establish the locks, oplocks, share modes that it
> had held prior to reconnecting and the new smbd may wait for those locks
> to be given up (by the old smbd) or, in the case of oplocks, it will
> send an oplock_break to the old smbd (but the old smbd will not catch
> the oplock_break as it is sleeping).

This is the bit I find strange. Even if smbd is "sleeping" it
should still be in a select() where the oplock udp socket is
being listened to for read event status.

Can you give me a stack backtrace of an smbd in this state so
I can discover why it isn't replying to oplock break requests
in this state ?



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