samba shared client lib needs LGPL

William Stuart william at
Tue Oct 19 22:45:46 GMT 1999

I don't understand...

I know SAMBA or any derived work can not be released under LGPL.  I seem
to recall a thread a few months ago where this was discussed and none of
the library routines would be released under LGPL.

And I downloaded your package and read the COPYING and that is the GPL.

So what is this all about?


wayne roberts wrote:
> I have repackaged the client support functionality in samba to support
> applications requiring access to smb servers.  It is a shared library
> built using automake & libtool.  It builds samba's smbclient utility
> linked against the shared library for test.
> The perpose is to use in gnome virtual filesystem.  It is currently used
> statically linked into midnight commander when configure'd --with-samba.
> The code is unmodified, only repackaged.  This message is posted because
> it needs LGPL to legally use it.  location:
> wget
> There is outated smblib, but my package uses 2.0.5a code, and automake
> and libtool for portable library building.

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