Performance problem on large dir's

Michel Stoop michel at
Tue Oct 19 20:39:39 GMT 1999

I have run into a problem with samba performing slow
on directories with many small files (>5000 files).
Opening a file in notepad takes about 9 seconds!

After some digging in log files and in the code
I found that the delay is caused by name mangling
routines trying to figure if it is a 8.3 filename.

I see that all filenames in the directory are scanned
and mangled 2 times! called from dir.c and trans2.c
I do not understand why samba does not first try to
open the file with the name the client sends and then
try to find a mangled match if the open fails.
If I set case sensitive to yes performance goes up, but
changing mangling options does not matter.

I run samba on HP-UX 10.20 platform.

I'm not sure if I am on the right track but log's
show that most delay is caused after dir.c is called
and even more in trans2.c

Michel Stoop,

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