Why just clone NT

Jacek Stepniewski cunio at gazeta.pl
Sun Oct 17 05:12:28 GMT 1999

Jeremy Allison wrote:

> > Why not to add callbacks? I think about running external program or
> > sending
> > a message to such program when client request file creating, deleting,
> > moving etc.
> >
> This is the kind of thing that is better implemented
> with the user-level VFS layer. Look at the previous

> discussions on this list for the reasons behind this.

Ok, but it will be a part of samba if I understand correctly.
It will be very hard to implement it without changing everything
and will take much time to do it.
When you plan to add this to distribution? In 2.1 ?
I have done it by changing to files reply.c(10 lines) and loadparam.c and
new fexra file.

This needs only one line in config file - port number
and switching on/off this feature is very easy (set port numer to 0)
If someone doesn't wont this simply declare symbol using -D cc switch
and that 10 lines are skipped.

It works for me since version 2.0.3 (a year)  on Solaris in
production environment.

There is only one problem for me. When you release next version I must
sources and check if I adding chenges in correct place.

I can do it. But what happens when I change the job.

Jacek Stepniewski

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