Samba and Quota (Linux)

Celso Kopp Webber webber at
Wed Oct 13 17:45:35 GMT 1999


let me be more clear about samba reporting quotas over NFS.
Server "A" NFS mounts a 4.5 GB filesystem on server "B".
If I issue "quota -u user" on server "A", it correctly reports disk usage for
that user. This means quota and rpc.rquotad are working.
User "bob" sitting in front of an NT WKS 4+SP5 maps his home dir on the
[homes] share on server "A". Since his home dir is in fact NFS mounted from
server "B", Samba reports its size as 4.5 GB, and NOT the user's limit. If
user "fred" does the same, and his home dir is in fact on a native filesystem
on server "A", Samba reports the share size as the user's limit.

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