Samba and Quota (Linux)

Andreas Abach Abach at
Tue Oct 12 08:44:25 GMT 1999

Does anyone out there work with quotas on samba?
When I use the quota code in 2.05a it changes the value of the x of y
Mbytes free information on the Windows client to a correct value, but
this is everything that is working correct. When hard limit of the
quota is reached a file is written to the disk, that is corrupt, the
end beyond the hard limit is cut off and original file size seams to
written to the disk.
So I would like to know, is there a way to use quota with samba?
Is there anyone who does it?
How much work would it be to change it?
Is there any option to configure the quota-system, that I didn't use?


Kernel 2.2.12
Debian Linux unstable
Samba 2.05a

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