HD size limit?

wulu wulu at bigfoot.com
Sun Oct 10 12:55:59 GMT 1999

Hi all,

thanks for your answers, but running 2 samba servers on my 
machine is no sollution - very bad performance on the second
aliased interface - and the 205 server doesent accept 2.1 as PDC
I had a look at the differences
between 2.05a and the head branch:

cvs - dfree.c:

if (*bsize > WORDMAX) {
*bsize = WORDMAX;

205 - dfree.c:

if (*bsize > (WORDMAX*512)) {
*bsize = (WORDMAX*512);

I don't know anything about the source code, but syncing
these two lines in the cvs code with the 205 version
solves my problem.

Is this a sollution or youst an ugly hack?


Alex Hall

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