undelete/trashcan for sambashares

Michael Glauche mg at plum.de
Sun Oct 10 05:27:11 GMT 1999

peter pilsl wrote:
> in the archive I found several discussions to that topic but no
> concret answer at all. is there anything outthere that offers a simple
> undelete or trashcan for the sambadrives ? This would prelong my life
> significantly (yesterday a user deleted its letter-template for word
> and nearly killed me when I had to tell him that its gone forever. I
> had no time to do an undelete on linuxside)

IIRC most argumets agains samba-side trashcan were that it belongs
to the OS, not to samba. As for Linux, I did use some undelete patch
back in the 1.2.x days, it was quite messy, but it worked. 
I would love some really good working undelete (a la Netware), as I
have situations like yours frequently ... 
Are there some "official" words on this subject (too lazy to search
the archives :P) ? (and wheter it belongs to samba or not )


(p.s.: please use samba-technical or samba, ntdom is for ntdomain
support only)

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