Samba and read-only attribute

Daniel O'Callaghan danny at
Fri Oct 8 00:13:36 GMT 1999

On Fri, 8 Oct 1999, Paul Heinz wrote:

> Danny wrote:

> > The problem lies in the fact that with the old system any user who had rw
> > access to the directory and the files in it could also set the RO
> > attribute.  With FreeBSD (and most (all?) unices), only the owner can
> > change the permissions on a file.
> Add a user to be the share owner. Ensure that all the files within a given
> share have the nominated owner via a quick chown as root. For that share,
> add a 'force user = <share owner>' to your smb.conf and the problem is
> solved - anyone who can access said share can now change file attributes.

Thanks Paul.  Unfortunately the problem has to be solved at the directory
level not the share level.


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