NetBios Group Name Lookup?

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Thu Oct 7 16:47:06 GMT 1999

Christopher R. Hertel wrote:
> Mike and I have been discussing this issue a bit.  Here's the tofu:
> - The RFCs say that you should be able to send a query on a group name to
>   an NBNS (WINS) server.  You should get back an array of entries.  If
>   the UDP packet is too small, the truncation bit will be set and the
>   query must be repeated using UDP.
> - Instead, the WINS server that Mike is testing against returns only
>  Sending to that address will not, of course, reach
>   any group members that are not on the local LAN.
> Is this a bug (or bad implementation) in WINS?

This is exactly what the spec says you should do for
a group name. Read RFC 1001/1002.

An *internet* group name is a special MS invention
that returns an IP list as you require. I used this
in the recent PDC/BDC query code on NAME<1c>. Our
WINS server also supports this.



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