Jeremy Allison jallison at
Thu Oct 7 00:51:31 GMT 1999

Michael C. Adler wrote:
> I apologize if this has been hashed out before.  I looked in the
> archives and didn't find anything.
> I've been trying to get robocopy to work from an NT filesystem, copying
> to a Unix filesystem using Samba.  I finally figured out why it doesn't
> work.
> In trans2.c/call_trans2setfilepathinfo(), the code that handles the
> SMB_SET_FILE_BASIC_INFO case takes the MAX of the write time and the
> changed time.  I believe Microsoft actually uses the changed (creation)
> time as the changed time of the file for the purposes of backups.  The
> write time is the last time the contents were changed.
> robocopy depends on being able to set the last write time.  If it fails,
> it doesn't know what to do the next time it is run.  Samba is forcing
> the time to be the latter of the write time and the creation time.
> Unfortunately, if a file is copied to a new location on NTFS, the write
> time is kept old and the creation time is set new.  This means that it
> is very easy to get a file in a state on NTFS such that copying it to a
> Samba server will set a relatively new modtime even thought the write
> time on NTFS is old.
> As an experiment, I changed the modtime computation in
> call_trans2setfilepathinfo to use only pdata+16 (write time) and ignore
> changed time (pdata+24) when handling SMB_SET_FILE_BASIC_INFO.  I think
> this works for me and may be what others want.  I doubt it works for
> everyone.  Does it deserve a mode in smb.conf?

Can you send me the diffs for this patch please ? I'd like to
understand exactly what is being done here.


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