HD size limit?

Michael Glauche mg at plum.de
Tue Oct 5 23:33:37 GMT 1999

Stephen Langasek wrote:
> On Wed, 6 Oct 1999, root wrote:
> > The problem is the Samba CVS version. There should be a BIG blinking
> > sign around it : "THIS IS PDC TREE, NO GOOD FILESERVER".
> > Serious : There were some fixes in the 2.0.x branch, that were not
> > portet to the 2.1.x.
> > The best sollution for this is to use 2.1.x ONLY for PDC, not as
> > fileserver.
> > You don't even need 2 Machines for this, just use some second (aliased)
> > Interface.
> Is this true?  Isn't the plan for the next major release of Samba to be
> based on the current HEAD branch?  I thought bug fixes were being applied to
> both trees as necessary--won't it just make it that much more difficult to
> fix things later if both trees have features and updates that aren't found
> in the other?

Yes. CVS HEAD is about 6-9 month missing of the 2_0 release. (correct me
I'm wrong). But as Jean Francois Micouleau wrote earlier, there is hope
(as he is merging the two) (btw .. just curious ...  which way round ?
stuff into 2.0 or fileserver into 2.1 ?)

There are a couple of issues in 2.1 that are broken (and fixed in 2.0)
unicode setups, locking issues, dfree, etc...



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