NT vs Unix timestamps with daylight saving time

Paul Heinz paul at profax.co.nz
Sun Oct 3 22:30:50 GMT 1999

Hi, all.

Another issue I've just struck is the issue of NT vs Unix timestamp
semantics now that New Zealand has switched into Daylight savings time.

NT stored file timestamps as UTC and then 'translates' then into your
current timezone hence all our files 'change' timestamp by 1 hour now that
NT has rolled into the NZDST timezone. This is the whole Win32 FileTime vs
LocalTime issue.

Our Linux box doesn't appear to do this so all the timestamps are still back
at the original time which Samba happily passes through to us. Is this
something that is consistent across Unices or is it specific to the Linux
ext2 file system? Do other Unix file systems store timestamps in UTC and do
the timezone timestamp dance?

Is this something that Samba can (or even should) handle?


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