nisplus backend support

James Harris jharris at
Tue Nov 30 06:35:47 GMT 1999

Im am mostly a sun solaris shop. NISplus has done well for a while, dont
really see a reason to go to ldap while nisplus works and works well.  The
only reason I ask about the nisplus support was it somone decieded to add
it to the code base. I figure if it was worth someones time to add might
be worth checking out.  The next question is since it has a nisplus client
framework how difficult would it be to use it to keep the passwords
synced?, instead of the shell hack.

 On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, Gerald Carter wrote:

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> James Harris wrote:
> > 
> > I dont see one refrence to nisplus in any of the docs.  
> > Other than enabling nisplus support can we get a faq or 
> > some sort of docs on it. Like exactly what it gets us, 
> > what options pertain to nisplus in smb.conf. If it would 
> > include the latest stuff for sync'ing the user info
> > with nisplus that would be great also.
> anyone using a NIS+ SMB password backend
> on the list?  What is the status?  I know we're all
> moving towards LDAP :-), but...
> Cheers,
> jerry
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