MS RPC, EPMAPPER and MS Exchange

Todd Sabin tastas at
Mon Nov 29 13:53:12 GMT 1999

casey at writes:

>  Apparently this is the request for a port number based on a UUID.
> Sure enough, in the 164 bytes of data, 16 of which look like the normal 
> rpc header, there's a UUID 
>    8A885D04 - 1CEB - 11C9 - 9F E8 08 00 2B 10 48 60
> which would be the exchange server it's looking for, but so far I havent 
> seen ANY documentation on the interpretation of the rest of the request 
> or, for that matter, the reply. 
> has
some info on the epmapper interface.  You'd probably be better off
looking at the replies a real exchange server makes, though...


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