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Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Mon Nov 29 12:10:31 GMT 1999


there seems to be lots of confusion out there around what things like
remote announce and remote browse sync.  It is possible that the main
confusion is in my head.  Certainly the document BROWSING_Config.txt is

Having looked at the code, it seems that the following is the case:

remote announce causes nmbd to announce all of its NetBIOS names, including
aliases to the remote system specified in the remote announce parameter
(including broadcast address, if specified, although this rarely works).

remote browse sync seems to cause nmbd to send a MasterAnnouncement to each
of the addresses specified in the remote browse sync parameter, which will
cause the systems announced to to issue a NetServerEnum2 request back to
our Samba server and thus collect our browse list.  It seems that remote
browse sync forces the named servers to pull our browse list.  If you want
browse list syncronization on both servers, you will need to have the
remote browse sync parameter specifies in each server.

Can anyone comment on this?

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