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Beau Kuiper ekuiperba at
Sun Nov 28 06:44:32 GMT 1999

Hi all,

I have seen windows NT SMB software crash due to samba. I find it sad that said
windows utilities are not robust enough to handle invalid data. I am also a
little worried now at how many exploitable bugs could exist in these utilities.
They are definitly not of the standard I demand, esspecially for an operating
system which is claimed to be better than UNIX.

My message to microsoft:

Microsoft, for once in your life, try to get windows 2000 right this time. I
don't think you customers will be very pleased to have the same service pack
mess NT 4 has had.

End of message

Sigh, I don't this it will happen though.

My 2 bits
Beau Kuiper
ekuiperba at

On Sun, 28 Nov 1999, you wrote:
> don't make a command called "net" on unix.
> If you want, maybe have options to emulate these commands...
> I haven't worked with samba in a while (I'm getting back into the swing now).
> The 2.0.5a crashed services.exe by doing:
> Enter NT Login password:
> trust_password_lock: cannot open file /usr/local/samba-2.0.5a/private/XEROX 
> PRINTER.SOYATA.mac - Error was Permission denied.
> domain_client_validate: unable to open the machine account password file for 
> machine SOYATA in domain XEROX PRINTER.
> cmd_nt_login: login (LEISNER) test succeeded: No
> smb: \> srvshares
> srvshares
> cli_pipe: return critical error. Error was code 0
> The machine is in a very odd state now (can't do anything, no BSOD, trying 
> to reboot...can't seem to...finally did...
> Such pleasant software...
> Is the cvs version 2.1prealpha?
> (The dates on the man pages need to be updated--rpcclient isn't).

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