vote / opinions required on rpcclient

Luke Leighton lkcl at
Sat Nov 27 20:57:10 GMT 1999

On 27 Nov 1999, Todd Sabin wrote:

> Luke Leighton <lkcl at> writes:
> > i need to know whether people think it would be a good idea to retire
> > rpcclient in favour of the following command suite:
> > 
> > net
> > usrmgr
> > srvmgr
> > regedit
> > eventvwr
> > cmdat
> > 
> > basically, a suite of programs that match nt's .EXE equivalents.
> > 
> If you're going to be putting major effort into rpcclient, I'd love
> to see the following:
> Create a higher level libsmb (or maybe just add to libsmb?) which
> contains the rpc level commands that rpcclient will use, and then

already working on it.

what, you mean, like this? :-)

[extract from rpcclient/msrpc_sam.c]

experimental SAM user query.
BOOL msrpc_sam_query_user( const char* srv_name,
			const char* domain,
			const DOM_SID *sid,
			char  *user_name,
	BOOL res = True;
	BOOL res1 = True;

	char *names[1];
	uint32 num_rids;
	uint32 rid[MAX_LOOKUP_SIDS];
	uint32 type[MAX_LOOKUP_SIDS];
	POLICY_HND sam_pol;
	POLICY_HND pol_dom;

	/* establish a connection. */
	res = res ? samr_connect( srv_name, 0x02000000, &sam_pol) : False;

	/* connect to the domain */
	res = res ? samr_open_domain( &sam_pol, 0x304, sid, &pol_dom) : False;

	/* look up user rid */
	names[0] = user_name;
	res1 = res ? samr_query_lookup_names( &pol_dom, 0x3e8,
					1, names,
					&num_rids, rid, type) : False;

	/* send user info query */
	if (res1 && num_rids == 1)
		msrpc_sam_user( &pol_dom, NULL,
				sid, NULL,
				usr_fn, usr_inf_fn,
		                usr_grp_fn, usr_als_fn);
		res1 = False;

	res = res ? samr_close( &sam_pol) : False;
	res = res ? samr_close( &pol_dom) : False;

	return res1;

> but doing that currently means getting involved in lots of lower level
> stuff that could be hidden in most cases.  Basically, I'd like to be
> able to use the same set of RPC apis that are available on NT, with
> some minor flexibility improvements (primarily the ability to use
> multiple sets of credentials against the same host).

me too.  which is why i have already done exactly this, starting on
wednesday.  the registry, samr, svcctl and lsarpc APIs are already

i have srvsvc, wkssvc and the other non-handle-based APIs left to do, as
i need to "cache" credentials automatically (most unfortunate).
> This would also allow other people to write net, usrmgr, srvmgr,
> whatever else, much easier.  A gnome regedit would be pretty
> straightforward to write, etc.

the api you are asking for is already done.  you want to write a gnume
regedit?  be my guest.


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