Needs help with File Permissions on NT

Sarabjit Singh SinghS at
Thu Nov 25 01:34:02 GMT 1999

Thanks for responding to my problem . 
I have put 
    nt acl support = no
   nt smb support = no
in the smb.conf

with it user while accessing through NT Explorer->Properties can stil see the 'Security tab' but if they try to change the permissions on their homedirs it doesn't get saved. So they can't change the permissions. I will still like to see only one tab'General' as they see in ver 1.9.
If anybody knows any other magic line to put it in smb.conf please Email me.



>Can someone please help
>We are running samba 1.9 on Solaris 2.6 server and samba 
>2.0.4 on Solaris 7 server
>On both the servers student access their home directories 
>by NT workstations. In 1.9 version While accessing their 
>home drives through NT explorer -> Properties they see file 
>system as SAMBA and they only see 'General' tab so they 
>can't change the permissions to their home directories.
>In new version While accessing their home drives through 
>NT explorer -> Properties they see file system as NTFS, and 
>see two tabs 'General' and 'Security' and they can go to 
>Security and mess up with the permission on their home 
>directories. We have tried changing the file system by fstype 
>= SAMBA . It does change the file system but security tab is 
>still there in new version. 
>on Solaris they have 701 on their homedirs
>drwx-----x  on /home/myhomedir.
>Can someone please help regrading it. We don't want 
>student to change permission on their home directories so 
>how to get rid of security tab in new version of samba.
>Sarabjit Singh

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