followup on utmp/wtmp logging

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Wed Nov 24 12:55:45 GMT 1999

R.S. van Mook wrote:
> /etc/samba/logging.conf:
> root preexec = echo "LOGIN %u $PPID \"%S\" %M %T" >> /var/log/utmp-samba"
> root postexec= echo "LOGOUT %u $PPID \"%S\" %M %T" >>/var/log/utmp-samba"

	Optionally, you could write a small stand-alone program
	that's vendor-specific to update utmp.  Perl might be
	an obvious language to use...

	Returning to the "doing it in Samba" discussion, there
	is a pututline() function in Slolaris that will register
	a process with utmpd. utmpd will then manage the file
	for you.


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