followup on utmp/wtmp logging? [Changes to Samba]

Peter Polkinghorne Peter.Polkinghorne at
Wed Nov 24 10:57:36 GMT 1999

David Lee said:
> Slight subject deviation...
> Although I am a devoted Samba follower, one of my concerns is about 
> the difficult of getting such things incorporated. 

I too am a little concerned about this.  I imagine that quite a few changes
get submitted and I would imagine quite a few are site specific.

eg I submitted a change to Samba (back in version 1.9.18 days) to log
connections to Syslog with the AUTH facility code - since this is what
we use to track all connections - others obviously use utmp/wtmp.
This was sent to samba-bugs - I got a polite thank you back.  Thats OK
and because I have the source I can patch 2.0.6 again if I so wish.
Admittedly it is a little harder now looking at the Debug structure.

Still what is the preferred route for the Samba team - discussions in
samba-technical mailing list AND/OR submissions to samba-bugs mailing list.

And should there be more debate?

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