Richard Sharpe sharpe at ns.aus.com
Fri Nov 19 06:24:14 GMT 1999

At 11:31 PM 11/19/99 +1100, greg at discreet.com wrote:
>I'm compiling it now but if it works then "you da man!"
>now about those parse points... ;-(

Well, I still have problems with the latest source.  Win2K will not join
the domain and ends up telling me that the network resource could not be

>On 19-Nov-99 Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
>> i can go home.
>> nt5rc2 logs in to a samba pdc, now.
>> oops, just logging in: i got "INF: install failure.  reason: access
>> denied".  hee hee, i wonder what _that_ was all about? :-) :-)
>> FOUR DAYS.  i can't believe it took four days for me to realise that it
>> was a UNICODE odd/even string length problem.  once i realised that,
>> it took under an hour to find (lsarpc LsaQueryInfoPolicy response) and
>> fix.
>> have fun logging NT5 wkstas into samba servers!
>> luke
>Greg Dickie
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>*from discreet (the logic is gone)
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>greg at discreet.com

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