Printing from Windows NT and Win2000 when not in the Domain

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Thu Nov 18 17:18:25 GMT 1999


Here are the results of my testing of printing from Win2000 and WinNT WS
when you are not in a domain.

1. If Samba is in security=user, but passwords are plaintext, even if the
PlainPassword hack is in use, you cannot connect to the printers, it seems.

2. If Samba is in security=share, or security=user and encrypt passwords =
yes, then printing seems to work.

I haven't tested either of the above OSes as members of a Samba domain (for
obvious reasons with Win2000), nor have I tried actually printing anything
in the above cases.  If you cannot get connected to bring up the status
window for a printer, it seems little point in trying to print.

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