Open to a suggestion?

Nebinger, David david.nebinger at
Thu Nov 18 04:43:45 GMT 1999

Hey, all, how ya doin?

I've just started playing with Samba, v2.0.6, and I have a suggestion.

Is the development team open to modifying toktocliplist() in lib/util_str.c?
I modified my own version to use a quoted string as a single token.

Basically I was trying to do the following:

  smbclient //chslgf01/public "" -U user%user -TcX file.tar Apps "User

"User Files" is a long directory name with a space, so I needed to quote the
in order to ensure that it would be compared in full when building the tar

To my dismay, toktocliplist() put three items in my cliplist: Apps, "User,
and Files".

Anyway, the code change is relatively simple, and I could submit a patch
or something if you all feel that it is a worthy change.  I don't know what
this might have on the rest of the tools; I'll be checking that out while
waiting for a reply.


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