Unix permissions, groups, etc as forced by Samba

Eric Praetzel praetzel at ece.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Nov 17 14:50:10 GMT 1999

I've been hunting thru the archives and have not seen a solution to this;
but have run across people with similar problems.

The systems in question are running Samba on Sun or Linux servers.
Files are accessed via Unix clients using NFS and SMB on Win 95 machines.

1) When a user edits a file on their share; the group and file perms
   get clobbered.

   This is a problem when 2 users are sharing write access to a file via
   groups on Unix; except that when the file is modified vis a SMB share
   the group ownership gets reset to whichever user edited it and then
   the other user(s) are unable to edit  the file.


Is there any way to totally disable Samba forcing / masking file permissions 
  and group information?

All I want is the owner/group/perms to default the way that they do when
  someone creates/edits the file as a user on the Unix box.

Having to use multiple shares to force u+rw as opposed to u+rw,o+r on the
~ vs ~/public_html directories is inane.  It utterly confuses the Win 95


  - Eric Praetzel,    E&CE Dept. Staff, University of Waterloo

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