NT5rc2 -> Samba PDC

Richard Sharpe sharpe at ns.aus.com
Mon Nov 15 08:41:07 GMT 1999

At 07:55 AM 11/16/99 +1100, lkcl at samba.org wrote:
>nmbd/nmbd_processlogon.c.  the code "if (mailslot_name ==
>"\\MAILSLOT\NTLOGON)" is causing problems.
>NT5rc2 is sending UNICODE-style (NT-style) GETDC requests on
>\\MAILSLOT\NETLOGON, making the above-mentioned if statement, which is
>designed to detect the difference between win95 and nt GETDC requests,
>my default action is to remove the if statement, which of course breaks
>win95.  my feelings towards win95 are well known to most people (and for
>those people who don't know, i try not to _have_ any feelings for win95,
>or even to acknowledge its existence.  i don't even call it an operating
>system, these days, i refer to it as a "single-user system").
>please could someone come up with a suitable comparative statement that
>does _not_ rely on distinguishing nt-style GETDC requests from
>CIFS-documented GETDC requests by examining the MAILSLOT name?
>this will allow nt5rc2 wkstas to be joined to a samba domain.

I have already coded a fix for this in my efforts to get Win2000 to join
the domain.  It currently relies on the fact that the NTversion in Win2K is
0xB.  It is a hack, but it will do.  I am checking now.

If all is OK, I will submit to the HEAD branch and 2.0.6 etc.

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