O'reilly samba book vs. BROWSING.txt

Giulio Orsero giulioo at tiscalinet.it
Mon Nov 15 08:35:59 GMT 1999

BROWSING.txt says:
- you have 3 subnets
- you need a wins server
- in 1 subnet you need a domain master browser (samba or nt)
- in the other 2 subnets you need a local master browser, which could be
a Win9x machine.

O'reilly "Using Samba" says (chapter 5, available online):
1) You must have either a Windows NT or Samba machine acting as a local
master browser on each subnet in the workgroup/domain. (If you have a
domain master browser in a subnet, a local master browser is not
2) You must have a Windows NT Server or a Samba machine acting as a
domain master browser somewhere in the workgroup. 
3) Each local master browser must be instructed to synchronize with the
domain master browser. 
Then talks about remote announce.
1) Given an nt/samba domain master browser, the other simple local
master browsers can be win9x machines as BROWSING.txt says, or need to
be samba/nt as the book says?
2) Is it true that just 1 domain master browser and 1 wins server (+
local mb) are needed for multiple subnet/1 workgroup? BROWSING.txt and
the book seem to agree on this but:
- the book then talks about "remote announce", is this required (reading
BROWSING.txt it seems this is not needed)? 
- I read posts on the smb newsgroup where people needed to set up samba
as domain master browser in all the subnets to get the complete browse
list everywhere.


giulioo at tiscalinet.it

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