Reports on oplocks for new Samba 2.0.6?

Michael Ju. Tokarev mjt at
Fri Nov 12 15:12:21 GMT 1999

Paulo Afonso Graner Fessel wrote:
>         Hello, people.
>         I'm going thru strange problems with Samba running on a Red Hat Linux 6.0
> System after moving our file services from Novell Netware to Linux Samba.
> AFAIK, the problem is the known "oplocks error" shown in some Samba
> installations and already commented in this list.
Newer seen this on linux. My early troubles was with solaris only,
linux (on the same machine and on others) was always ok (I'm also use
RedHat, 6.0 and 6.1). New samba (2.0.6pre3 in my case, not tried release
yet) maked things ok on solaris also -- many thanks for this -- and it is
ok on redhat also. We are at production load (but still small -- about
70 clients), and our network usage is high (only database clients that
running on samba share is dos FoxPro :) ones, and only 3 machines with that,
but there are many office documents etc and many software itself lays on the
network shares -- msoffice netinstall for example). No problem for a while!
But I'm now plan to look to samba release -- maybe this makes sence...


P.S. Level2 oplocks are also ok on both solaris and linux, but
i not noticied any differences in speed/etc, while "level one"
oplocks gives significant improvements, especially when editing
files on server shares.

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