Compile Time Failures

Dan Kaminsky effugas at
Tue Nov 9 23:53:25 GMT 1999

> Yeah - luke's going off with the rpcclient stuff at the moment.  He's
> added some extremely useful thinsg just recently.

I'd just like a very basic port of "nbtstat" that *always* works.
(Actually, I'm incredibly lazy and should write it myself, but don't tell
anyone.  Oops.)

Any idea if there's any progress on print queue support, i.e. I print to a
Samba queue via Windows and Samba learns the print name, number of pages,
and, with support from external apps, can feed back the status of each
print to the user?  

> How about changing the description of the options in
> source/ 

I'll send in a patch when I get home from Cisco.
> Well I've been thinking about that and I don't think there's really
> much that can be done.  The philosophy is since you have to explicitly
> add the --with-afs or --with-dfs arguments to configure, then you
> obviously know what you are doing.  (-:

Well, we can at least mention that they require code on the client side.
> > Tim--what's the netatalk code do?
> It's basically SMB over appletalk.  You need a special client program
> to run it though.  Not many people use it.

Too bad.  Transparent support for sharing identical shares over appletalk
as are shared over Samba would be very, very, very cool.

Ah well.

Yours Truly,

	Dan Kaminsky
	DoxPara Research

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