Compile Time Failures

Dan Kaminsky effugas at
Tue Nov 9 23:37:16 GMT 1999

> The VFS stuff is only supported in the HEAD branch.  I don't think
> there are any plans to merge it to the 2.0 branch although that would
> certainly be possible.

Oh, well that explains that.

Hurm.  Looks like HEAD is where all the exciting hacks are going on.  

> This came up before.  I think it's a autoconf type program with DFS
> stuff.  (I'm assuming the machine you are compiling on has DFS
> support). 

Oh yeah, I forgot that Unix and Windows had a namespace conflict--they
*both* have technologies entitled Distributed File System.
(DFS...DNS...someone's gotta clue them in on namespace issues ;-)

Can we clarify in the documentation/configure file that we're talking
about Unix-style DFS, and not the (genuinely rather cool) Windows DFS?  
> > [root at dsl source]# cd dce
> > bash: cd: dce: No such file or directory
> Shouldn't that be "cd /usr/include/dce"?  The DCE (and AFS) stuff is
> sold separately(tm) (-:

Makes sense.  We should specify this in the errors, somehow.
Tim--what's the netatalk code do?

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